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Lisa Andrew of SVEF Named in the illustrious 2021 Business Worldwide Magazine CEO Awards

London, England - August 2021

SVEF CEO Lisa Andrew

Lisa Andrew, CEO and President of the California based Silicon Valley Education Foundation, has been named in the 2021 Business Worldwide Magazine CEO Awards.

The awards identify and celebrate the most respected executives and business leaders from around the world, across a wide range of business sectors and industries. Unlike many other business awards that celebrate organisations as a whole, here the emphasis is on the outstanding individuals at their helms. The aim of the awards is to give these individuals the recognition they deserve, while encouraging others to achieve similar successes. Lisa Andrew was the outright winner in her category, being crowned “Best CEO Non-Profit Sector - USA”

Lisa has dedicated her entire career to ensuring that students from disadvantaged backgrounds get the education and opportunities they deserve. The Silicon Valley Education Foundation (SVEF) is based in the heart of the tech capital of the world, and focuses on educating students in science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

Although the USA is renowned for its technological excellence, black and hispanic students often miss out on an education in these disciplines. There’s a huge discrepancy between the country’s business leaders and scientists - many of whom are white and middle class - and the number of ethnic minorities employed in these areas. Lisa, herself the mother of mixed race children, is dedicated to redressing this balance.

Since its inception over two decades ago, SVEF has supported more than 27,000 students and works with young people and educators in over 60 school districts, forging long lasting relationships with corporations and other non-profit organisations dedicated to challenging the status quo. SVEF convenes the East Side Alliance, an educational community dedicated to preparing students for a lifetime of success in Silicon Valley. Through the alliance, SVEF is closing the achievement gap and accelerating grades among African American and Latinx students, helping educators across the region find ways to reach and support students.

Speaking to Business Worldwide Magazine, Lisa said: “I am a visionary leader who sees possibilities and is not afraid to dream big. I am driven by a mission based on equitable access and thrive when working on goals focused on economic mobility. I work to inspire others and provide coaching and mentorship to assist the team in realizing their potential. When the team is successful, we can accomplish our goals, fulfill our mission, and realize our vision.”

To find out more about the SVEF’s work, visit

The Business Worldwide article and interview with Lisa can be found here: STEM, Diversity, and the new Silicon Valley.

Further information about the Business Worldwide Awards program can be found at

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