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Elevate [Math] — Published Summer Math Impact Evaluation

In 2018, SV[e]F, in partnership with the research and evaluation team at WestEd, received a grant from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to evaluate student participation in 1 year and 2 years of Elevate [Math]’s middle school program.

The study found that the Elevate [Math] program's benefits increase as students attend multiple years. Students who attended two years of Elevate [Math] performed better than those who attended one year of Elevate [Math] which was better than students who did not participate in Elevate [Math] at all. This is in terms of students who passed their next grade level math class and SBAC assessment.

A second conclusion to highlight states that Elevate [Math] combats summer learning loss. The students who participated in Elevate [Math] showed less learning loss than their peers. In other words, Elevate [Math] students are better prepared for their next grade level math course than their peers who did not participate in an Elevate [Math] in the summer.

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