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We work with school districts to promote best practices and policies.

We offer programs and support directly to students and educators.

We place cutting edge EdTech and resources into live classrooms.

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Only 49.9% of California high school graduates are even eligible to apply for UC or CSU.

Alarming shortage of local graduates ready to fill STEM careers.

Address the wealth, race, and gender gap by supporting public education.


Leveraging Technology in Education

Strengthening Early Math

WestEd Study

Leveraging Technology in the Classroom
Nationally, schools are attempting to increase the use of technology in the classroom. In collaboration with PwC, Leveraging Technology in Education, provides information the current scope of technology in education, as well as best practices to guide further integration of technology into schools.
When it comes to mathematics, California educators face two basic challenges. The first is to make sure every student who graduates from high school has high enough competencies and strong enough math skills to function well in a complex society.
WestEd Study
A recent independent study by WestEd found that Elevate [Math] was more than two times as effective as similar summer intervention programs and showed that students in the program were 2.4 times as likely to be algebra-ready as those that did not participate.

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