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EEI College and Career Specialists Reach Over 206 Students

The EEI College and Career Specialists have begun their engagement with 8th graders at August Boeger Middle School and Ida Jew Academy. Students are working on their college and career planning by creating individual portfolios.

EEI specialists are thrilled to see that students are already thinking about their future. In a recent EEI survey, 86% of eighth grade students responded they wanted to attend college after graduating from High School and 62% stated they already have a career in mind.

EEI CCSs have presented to every 8th-grade classroom and conducted individual conferring sessions starting with students identified as at risk of failing. They aim to help students keep the end goal in mind and create clarity about their transitions to high school and beyond.

EEI has been monitoring students’ academic progress, teaching them interpersonal and learning skills in order to develop self-advocacy and confidence, setting them on a path to success.

EEI is excited to have provided over 37 hours of college and career advising in just a few weeks. We look forward to continue supporting students at both school sites.

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