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Bridging the Digital Divide - Silicon Valley Education Foundation provides connectivity to students

Updated: Oct 7, 2023

PRESS RELEASE: October 4, 2022

SAN JOSE, Calif. – Today, Silicon Valley Education Foundation (SVEF) launched the expansion of School2Home in San José and Santa Clara County to help provide digital resources and education to 5,000 students over the next three years, starting with August Boeger Middle School. The launch of the expansion is supported by the California Emerging Technology Fund (CETF) and Project 10Million, T-Mobile’s initiative to close the digital divide in education and deliver connectivity to underserved students.

The School2Home initiative was developed by CETF and the Children’s Partnership to help close the digital divide in education by integrating of computing and internet technologies. In 2020, SVEF took over management of School2Home in collaboration with local districts and school leadership in Silicon Valley. The COVID-19 pandemic caused a widening of the digital divide in education as some students were able to utilize and access home internet technology; while many families in predominantly low-income families of color lacked access to internet connectivity for their students to conduct virtual learning. Additionally, many students have not had access to tools like laptops or the guidance to support their transition to the virtual format.

“This partnership positions SVEF to achieve its mission of delivering STEM education in

communities that lack quality internet access and educational technology integration. The School2Home initiative ensures students, and their families, have access to digital literacy skills and learning opportunities at home.” Dr. Lisa Andrew, SVEF President & CEO.

The CETF is providing a grant of $2.5M to the SVEF to support the growth of School2Home. The grant comes from a commitment by T-Mobile to deliver School2Home to up to 25,000 students in California. CETF and T-Mobile will be strong supporters of the initiative providing access and funds to roll out the program across new school districts. CETF works across the state to “forge partnerships and foster public policy to close the Digital Divide.”

“The California Emerging Technology Fund is very enthusiastic about this next phase of

collaboration with the Silicon Valley Education Foundation to expand School2Home in San José and Santa Clara County to benefit 5,000 students over the next 3 years. CETF is able to provide a grant of $2.5M to SVEF because of a commitment by T-Mobile to deliver School2Home to up to 25,000 students in California. CETF also invests in leadership first and foremost. Dr. Lisa Andrew and the SVEF Team and Board of Directors are exemplary partners who understand what it means to support principals, teachers, students and parents in achieving academic excellence.” Sunne Wright McPeak, California Emerging Technology Fund President and CEO.

“At T-Mobile, we are committed to closing the digital divide through Project 10 Million because we have a responsibility to ensure students have the ability to access the internet, regardless of location or income level so they can receive an education and pursue a world of opportunities,” said Dr. Kiesha King, senior national education administrator of T-Mobile. “We are proud to support the expansion of the School2Home initiative and provide 5,000 student households access to internet connectivity.”

The program launches today, October 4, 2022, in San José at August Boeger Middle School and will run through 2025 with the aim of serving 5,000 families in San José School District, Franklin McKinney School District, and Morgan Hill district with many others slated. As a key component of School2Home, Silicon Valley Education Foundation will provide digital literacy training to families in participating districts to ensure the effective and supportive use of the digital tools provided.

For more information please visit: or to find out more about the program rollout or to support School2Home.

About SVEF

Silicon Valley Education Foundation (SVEF) serves students furthest from access and opportunity to deliver and advocate for STEM education that inspires students to succeed in college and careers. As the largest educational nonprofit in Silicon Valley, SVEF has a legacy of providing proven STEM programs, leading the way as an education innovator, and being profoundly committed to empowering students to graduate high school career and college ready. SVEF’s vision is that every student becomes a successful and productive adult. For more information, visit

About School2Home (S2H)

The Mission of School2Home (S2H) is to close the Achievement Gap and Digital Divide at

low-performing California middle schools by integrating the use of computing and broadband technologies into teaching and learning. School2Home reaches students who are statistically less likely to perform well in school and more likely to lack access to digital tools than their peers in high-performing schools. Currently, School2Home is active in 12 districts and 31 schools. School2Home is an initiative of the California Emerging Technology Fund, a public benefit foundation established in 2007 by the California Public Utilities Commission to close the state’s Digital Divide

Contact: Erika Evearitt, Chief Development Officer (408) 790-9480

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