East Side Alliance

The East Side Alliance is honored to be among the 2019 Hoffmann Award winners and to be the recipient of the Kristi Porter Outstanding Program Award.

The ESA is a collective impact initiative recognizing that the districts and partners involved are independent agencies agreeing to collaborate towards a common purpose, with agreed upon goals and strategic initiatives that support a collaboratively developed vision and mission.

ESA's Vision

We prepare every student for a lifetime of success in Silicon Valley.

ESA's Mission

As an educational community, we share ideas, leverage resources and align practices.

ESA's Goal

Be THE California model for excellence and collaboration.

ESA’s Strategic Initiatives

  • Successfully implement the Common Core State Standards across districts
  • Support technology for students, including access to devices and web access from home
  • Leverage the collective impact of the ESA to increase resources and influence decision makers
  • Implement and support the Spartan East Side Promise to guarantee a college-going pathway
  • Close the achievement gap and accelerate African American and Latinx A-G rates


A partnership between East Side Union High School District (ESUHSD) and San Jose State University (SJSU), the Spartan East Side Promise offers guaranteed admission to qualified students from schools in the East Side Union High School District. It provides a pathway of admission to SJSU by clearly specifying admission requirements and actively sharing information and resources for academic success with students and their families. The Spartan East Side Promise does not require an application or extra effort from students. Rather, it will automatically be considered for any ESUHSD student applying to SJSU. The first cohort of Spartan East Side Promise students entered SJSU in the fall of 2017.

Students from ESUHSD enrolled at SJSU increased from 433 in the Fall of 2016 to 708 in the Fall of 2018. Of those 708 students, 254 were admitted specifically because of the Promise. 


Since 2013, ESA-centered professional development has impacted over 1000 teachers and principals from grades 3-12. Through workshops, symposia, online classes, and training on how to conduct Professional Learning Communities, professional development has focused on deepening the understanding and implementation of the California Common Core Content Standards for Mathematics, improving the use of assessments to inform practice, and supporting collaborative learning and conversation across the Alliance and grade levels.


The East Side Alliance has 40 collaborative partners working across the eight alliance districts, in a variety of areas including: Advocacy, Direct Student Services, Funders, Higher Education, and Professional Development.

For more information, please contact the East Side Alliance Team at esa@svefoundation.org.