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Help us champion STEM! Whether it’s your time, knowledge, expertise, or passion, Silicon Valley Education Foundation welcomes your support to enhance our programs.
We have a long history of engaging STEM professionals in meaningful volunteer opportunities. 
STEM Career Chats: Inspiring the next generation of Innovators

STEM Career Chats connects STEM professionals with students to inspire the next generation of innovators. During these sessions, STEM professionals share their personal journeys and experiences in the field, showcasing how they use STEM knowledge daily. STEM Career Chats can be virtual or in-person!


By hearing from successful professionals, students gain valuable insights into different STEM careers, learning about the education and skills required to succeed. This program benefits both students and volunteers alike. It provides students with invaluable early career guidance and a chance to connect with professionals in their field of interest while giving volunteers a rewarding opportunity to share their expertise and inspire the next generation. 


STEM Career Chats offer a unique opportunity to help students discover their passion and potential in the world of science, technology, engineering, and math. 

If you’d like to learn more about our STEM Career Chats, check out our interest form here.

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Tesla Factory - Fremont, CA

SVEF Corporate Connect: Exploring and Learning at Top Companies

SVEF Corporate Connect is an exciting volunteer opportunity that brings students from the classroom to top companies, giving them an exclusive glimpse into the professional world. During these visits, students see the day-to-day workings of successful companies, learn about different industries, and engage in Q&A sessions with a diverse panel of professionals. 


By participating in Corporate Connect, students can gain valuable insights into the professional world and the skills required to succeed in various industries. Additionally, corporate partners benefit from the opportunity to engage with the community and inspire the next generation of leaders.

If you'd like to host a class, reach out to Kevon Turner, Corporate Partnerships Manager.

If you have any questions please contact 
Kevon Turner, Corporate Partnerships Manager  (408) 790-9476
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