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Silicon Valley is one of the most forward-thinking regions in the world, setting the standard for innovation across industries. Yet, this is not always reflected in the performance in our schools. In the face of tight budgets, inconsistent resources, and an increasingly diverse population, more and more students are left unprepared to graduate college and expand their career options.

It is through our established legacy and strong partnerships with districts, educators, and the for-profit and nonprofit sectors, that Silicon Valley Education Foundation (SVEF) champions education solutions that inspire underserved students to succeed in college and careers. As the largest education nonprofit in Silicon Valley, SVEF is dedicated to raising student performance in the critical areas of science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM).

Core Values


The vision of Silicon Valley Education Foundation is that every student becomes a successful and productive adult.

In a healthy society, individuals are active and engaged with the world around them. SVEF is dedicated to creating economic opportunity through quality education. As the demands on our workforce change, post-secondary education has become increasingly necessary for 21st century careers.


Through our work we aim to create a culture where diverse staff works together to further our vision and mission. We achieve this by embracing the following values:

  • Empower Students: Create a community focused on maximizing student success

  • Strive for Impact: Commit to excellence and positive change by continuously evaluating, measuring and improving our work

  • Challenge the Impossible: Have the courage to take risks, be creative, grow from mistakes and move forward

  • Act Together: Collaborate through deliberate engagement and decision making

  • Embody Integrity: Build trust through respect, honesty, open-mindedness and transparency

  • Have Fun


The mission of Silicon Valley Education Foundation is to deliver and advocate for STEM education that inspires underserved students to succeed in college and careers.

Student successes in the STEM subjects have been repeatedly recognized as indicators or future achievement.  With a twenty five year history, SVEF's proven programs have supported over 63,700 students and 4,050 teachers in over 117 school districts with its scalable sulemental STEM programs and support of teachers and districts



Core Values

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