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We invite you to join us on a journey to seek greater change in our society by choosing to face how we alter the paradigms in which to see the world.

The purpose of this conversation is to examine the degree to which race affects your life personally, and immediately. When the discussion focuses initially on our own racial consciousness, identity, and experiences, we can better understand the way in which we may be interpreting our students’ academic interests and their families’ engagement. Examining the impact of race in our own lives serves as a precursor to examining the impact of race in the larger context of a school. Becoming more personally aware of our own racialized existence enables us to more deeply understand the racial experiences of others. Joining us in this session is Chris Singleton, a former professional athlete drafted by the Chicago Cubs in 2017. Following the loss of his mother in a racially motivated mass shooting, Chris has now become an inspirational speaker and best-selling author who has shared his message of unity and racial reconciliation with clients such as: Microsoft, Biogen, Houston Texans, Washington Wizards, etc. He shares with over 50 organizations and over 30,000 students annually and resides with his spouse Mariana, his son CJ and his younger brother who he cares for Caleb in Charleston, SC.

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Equity #4

Through Courageous Conversation, educators attempt to break down racial tensions and ignorance that hobble our progress as a school system. By engaging in this dialogue, those who possess the knowledge get the opportunity to share it, and those who do not have the knowledge learn and grow from the experience. Participants will be involved in engaging activities and conversations to push their thinking, review, and commit personally to the Four Agreements of Courageous Conversation:
1. Stay Engaged
2. Experience discomfort
3. Speak Your Truth
4. Expect and accept non-closure

We will observe conversations from individuals of different ethnicities discussing the topic of race and observing how the Four Agreements were exemplified. We will examine the Racial Consciousness Flow Chart. And move from “I don’t know” through the different stages until we reach “I know, I know”. This is the process to ensure that we live more authentically within our own racial experience and deal more honestly with the racialized existence of others.

Join us for an evening of Courageous Conversations with a mini keynote and fireside chat with the renowned author and speaker, Glenn Singleton. We invite you to interact with fellow participants in small groups to share your wonderings and experiences.
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Race: What's Equity Got to Do With It?
Join us for an afternoon of courageous conversations where we explore the meaning of "equity" and how it relates to race. Meet and talk with prominent individuals in our community from diverse backgrounds. Interact with the panel in small groups and ask your questions and wonderings.

Join us for an evening of courageous conversations and hear as men share their story of being a black male in America. Meet and talk with individuals from across the county as we collaboratively reflect on issues of race and equity in society that have impacted black men and their educational journey. Interact with the panel in small groups and ask your questions and wonderings.


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