2018 District Partners

49ers STEM Leadership Institute

Alum Rock Union School District

Bayshore Elementary School District

Berryessa Union School District

Cambrian School District

Campbell Union High School District

Campbell Union School District

Cupertino Union School District

Downtown College Prep

East Side Union High School District

Evergreen School District

Franklin-Mckinley School District

Lodi Unified School District

Luther Burbank School District

Menlo Park School District

Moreland School District

Mount Pleasant School District

Mountain View Los Altos High School District

Mountain View Whisman School District

Oak Grove School District

Orchard School District

Pierce Joint Unified School District

Pajaro Valley Unified School District

Redwood City School District

Salem-Keizer Public School District

San Benito High School District

San Bruno Park School District

San Jose Unified School District

Santa Clara Unified School District

Soledad Unified School District

Sequoia Union High School District

South San Francisco Unified School District

Union Elementary School District

Voices College-Bound Language Academy

40+ Partners in the Silicon Valley

+ Partners in the Silicon Valley

During the summer of 2018, SVEF partnered with 40 school districts throughout Alameda, Monterey, Salem (Oregon State), San Benito, San Joaquín, San Mateo, Sacramento, Santa Clara, and Santa Cruz Counties to offer Elevate [Math], Elevate [Math] Jr., MAP, and CHS to their students. New districts in 2018 include Aromas San Juan, Lodi, Menlo Park, Salinas City, San Bruno Park, and Soledad School Districts.

Elevate [Math] plans to have 200 classes of students in grade 3-10 next summer

Our Program

Number of Program Days

Elevate [Math] Curriculum

Throughout the summer, students will experience a four component curriculum to prepare them for their next math class:
Elevate [Math] hires credentialed teachers from Silicon Valley districts, and has developed a math curriculum that is designed to frontload the material students will see in their upcoming math class. Teachers also engage students in a growth mindset curriculum designed to challenge students perceptions about math and what they are capable of achieving. A STEM Presenter may attend one or more classes and share their experience as a working professional in the fields of science, technology, engineering, or math within the Silicon Valley. Each class will also learn about the journey to college through weekly lessons, and work with a College Mentor. In 2018, 91% of our students reported that they are more motivated to go to college as a result of Elevate [Math].
Key Components of Elevate [Math]: Formative Assessment Lessons, MARS/MAC Performance Tasks, Growth Mindset, College & Career Readiness, Blended and Project Based Learning, Problems of the Month, and Math Talks
Student Assessment: Normed MARS Pre and Post-Assessment and Attitudinal Surveys

Our Educators

Elevate [Math] hires credentialed teachers from within or from surrounding Silicon Valley districts.  Each teacher is paired with an Elevate [Math] Coach, plus College Mentor.  The coaches are highly experienced math teachers/coaches that offer support, conduct classroom observations with a developed protocol, and lead group PLCs.  The College Mentor encourages a college going mindset in students and assists the teacher with the college curriculum and other classroom needs.
What Our Students Say:
“The teacher didn’t give me the answers in my Elevate [Math] class because she didn’t want to steal my struggle”
“You work with your group and its fun to work with them and solve math problems”
“I would recommend this math class to anyone who is struggling with math like I did. It’s given me the confidence to want to go to college”

Professional Development and Coaching

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The Elevate [Math] Process

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Curriculum Design Team


STEM Presenters


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