Elevate [Math] is a summer intervention program designed to elevate student achievement in math. This program front-loads curriculum designed to align with students’ next year Common Core math classes. By providing a summer program focused on building both math skills and student confidence, Elevate [Math] helps prepare more students for success in college and careers.

“My proudest moment during the program was that I got so much better at math than before. I was so happy. How I feel about math has completely changed. Thank you, Elevate!” -7th grade student



Elevate [Math] is offered by participating school districts to students who are identified as “nearly meeting standards” based on their prior year’s assessments or teacher recommendations. Rising 3rd – 10th grade students who are selected, are invited to enroll for our Summer Elevate [Math].


Throughout the summer, students will experience a specially developed curriculum to prepare them for their next math class.

The Elevate [Math] curriculum has been proven to be two times more effective than similar intervention programs and has more than doubled the level of algebra readiness among participating students.


Credentialed teachers from Silicon Valley districts deliver a math curriculum that is designed to front-load the material students will see in their upcoming math class.


Teachers also engage students in a growth mindset curriculum designed to challenge students perceptions about math and what they are capable of achieving.


Each class will also learn about College Readiness and the journey to college through weekly lessons, and work with a College Mentor. In 2020, 89% of our students reported that they want to pursue a post secondary degree.


A STEM Presenter will attend one or more classes and offer STEM Career Awareness experiences as a working professional in the fields of science, technology, engineering, or math within the Silicon Valley.


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Elementary and Middle School classes run for 19 days, and High School classes run for 24 days. Each class times typically run 3-5 hours a day. Elevate [Math] classes typically start mid-June and run through mid-July. Each district selects its own program dates, times, and location.

3RD, 4TH, 5TH
6TH, 7TH, 8TH
9TH, 10TH
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Elevate [Math]² is a year-round enrichment program for current 3rd through 10th graders. This rigorous grade-level math support gives students more practice to build math discourse, problem solving and math fluency. Students are invited to apply by their teacher or district. This school year program is designed to offer current students direct support throughout their Common Core math class.

Contact your school main office or school district to find out if you can enroll!



During the summer of 2019, SVEF worked with over 30 school districts and partners throughout Monterey, Salem (Oregon State), San Benito, San Joaquín, San Mateo, Sacramento, Santa Clara, and Santa Cruz Counties to offer Elevate [Math] classes to their students.  In 2020, the Elevate [Math] team pivoted to a virtual curriculum to align with virtual learning directives. It was incredibly successful, serving 177 classes and over 2800 students. Elevate [Math] plans to have 240 classes of students in grades 3-10 in the summer of 2021. Join us today!