College Day is a community-driven, county-wide celebration that shows students that going to college is possible. Now in its 10th year anniversary, we are excited to bring you a week's worth of workshops during October 19-23, 2020 to promote college and career readiness for elementary, middle, and high school students. Access the recorded workshops below.

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College Week Workshops:

MONDAY WORKSHOPS - October 19, 2020
COVID-19 Essential Workers | 10AM - 11AM | Watch here

We will highlight the super-hero qualities and backstories of professionals responding to COVID-19 in their day-to-day jobs. In addition, we hope to also shed light on how different companies and organizations have responded to their communities during the pandemic.

Let’s Have Courageous Conversations | 12:30PM - 1PM | Watch here

Courageous Conversations focus on exploring skills necessary for engaging in difficult conversations. Develop strategies that help you safely speak, actively listen, and genuinely understand others.

Learn about CA Community Colleges & Careers in Healthcare | 2PM - 3PM | Watch here

With a focus on equal access, equitable outcomes and a commitment to every students' success, community colleges offer pivotal transitions to 4-year colleges, living wage careers, career upskilling and lifelong learning​. Careers in Healthcare: It's not just doctors and nurses!! Hear about all of your CHOICES for careers as a healthcare professional taught in community colleges. Presented by Nanette Solvason, PhD & Regional Director, Employer Engagement, Health.

Careers in Business & Tech with Management Leadership for Tomorrow  | 3PM - 4PM | Watch here

Do you know what goes on behind the scenes at some of the most popular companies to work for? During this session, our panelists will highlight different types of career paths related to business and technology. Tune in to hear panelists from Adobe, YouTube, Uber, Facebook, CVSHealth, P&G and more!

Financial Aid 101 | 5PM - 6PM | Watch here

Learn how to afford college! An overview of all grants, scholarships and loans available to students who submit a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) or California Dream Act Application (CADAA).

College Success Through Financial Aid Planning | 5PM - 6PM | Watch here

Financial aid planning is confusing, challenging, and often times misleading. Get answers to your most pertinent questions about financial aid awards, comparing financial aid packages between colleges, and advocating for students. Together, we can help our students get #lessdebtmoredegrees when we keep their needs at the center and implement tools that engage and educate. Click here for the flyer.

TUESDAY WORKSHOPS - October 20, 2020
Sammy's Big Dream | 9AM - 10AM | Watch here

Come join Excite Credit Union for a Read Aloud of Sammy’s Big Dream! Sammy teaches kids to set goals and encourages great savings habits.

Young Entrepreneur Academy | 10AM - 11AM | Watch here

What's your big idea? SJSU students will inspire you on a journey of generating an innovative idea and building your own successful company with that idea. Are you ready??

The Importance of Children Savings Accounts for Elementary Kids | 12PM - 1PM | Watch here: English | Spanish

Time is moving faster than you think. It is never too early to start planning for college! Join us as we walk you through different savings vehicles for your child’s education.

Careers in Advanced Transportation & Logistics | 2PM - 3PM | Watch here

Do you wonder how autonomous and electric vehicles work...and want to fix them? Learn about the Bay Area Community Colleges' Transportation Programs and the changing skills outlook: The laptop is the new toolbox! Presented by Pamela Gutman, Regional Director, Employer Engagement, Advanced Transportation and Logistics.

How Your Local Community College Can Get You Where You Want to Go | 3PM - 4PM | Watch here

The California Community Colleges are a great place to learn and grow! Did you know that there are 115 campuses across the state and online? Their vision is to the point: Making sure students from all backgrounds succeed in reaching their goals and improving their families and communities. Learn how the programs and champions at your local Community College can be a great resource for you and your education, career, and life goals!

Library Resources for School Success | 4PM - 5PM | Watch here

Make this school year a great one with all the tools you need to succeed! Join us for an introduction to online resources and services for elementary school students available through the library - eBooks, research tools, online video courses, one-on-one tutoring, virtual programs and more.

Cash for College for High School Seniors | 5PM - 6PM | Registration expired [not recorded]

Need help completing your financial aid application? Students and families can bring their questions and receive assistance from financial aid experts and volunteers to complete the FAFSA or Dream Act Application.

College Choice & Affordability for Parents | 5PM - 6PM | Watch here

To support your students in making an informed, confident college choice, learn the terms and tools that can make sense of it all. We’ll discuss the importance of building your student’s sense of financial ownership, and tackling the concept of unmet need, together. Get the 411 on loans, work study, and scholarships to help your students graduate with #lessdebtmoredegrees. Click here for the flyer.

WEDNESDAY WORKSHOPS - October 21, 2020
Personal Finance for Middle Schoolers | 9AM - 10AM | Watch here

In this workshop, you will learn the importance of being banked and being an informed consumer as well as learning the basics of budgeting and saving.

SJSU Artificial Intelligence Conversations | 10AM - 11AM | Watch here

Secure your digital future: Cybersecurity, Hacking, and Automation. How have these changed up to today, how will they change in the future, and is it a secure industry for a long term career?

Financially Preparing Middle Schoolers for College | 12PM - 1PM | Watch here: English | Spanish

College is expensive join us for this workshop where we will explore the resources available for students as well as leaning what options you have to start saving.

Careers in Information and Communication Technologies/Digital Media| 2PM - 3PM | Watch here

 Technology is everywhere and it needs people to design it, build it, use it, support it, and protect it. Bay Area community college ICT Digital Media programs can make you one of those people. Presented by Olivia Herriford, Regional Director, Employer Engagement, Information and Communication Technologies/Digital Media.

Topic: Middle School Matters: CSU Admissions | 3PM - 4PM | Watch here

Description: In brief we will talk about CSU admissions requirements, how to explore post high-school training options and how success in middle school classes (particularly English and Math courses) lead to success in college.

Library Resources for School Success | 4PM - 5PM | Watch here

Make this school year a great one with all the tools you need to succeed! Join us for an introduction to online resources and services for middle school students available through the library - eBooks, research tools, online video courses, one-on-one tutoring, virtual programs and more.

Financial Aid for Undocumented Students | 5PM - 6PM | Watch here *COMING SOON*

English Session: Learn about the types of financial resources available to undocumented students. Financial aid experts will explain how college-bound students can qualify for and access these options.

Spanish Session: Conozca los tipos de recursos financieros disponibles para estudiantes indocumentados. Los expertos en ayuda financiera explicarán cómo los estudiantes con destino a la universidad pueden calificar y acceder a estas opciones.

Financial Literacy ABCs for College Financial Aid| 5PM - 6PM | Watch here

Planning for college includes the critical importance of planning how to pay for it. In this session, learn the ABCs of college financial aid, focusing on A for Affordability matters, B for Build a financial aid plan, and C for Choose confidently. Possessing a strong understanding of financial literacy is a critical tool in the college choice toolkit. Click here for the flyer.

THURSDAY WORKSHOPS - October 22, 2020
Budget Smart for College | 9AM - 10AM | Watch here

Learn how to manage financial aid and budgeting from two college grads with recent experience in navigating the world you are about to enter. Whether you are going to CSU, UC or JC join us and learn valuable financial skills that will guide you through college and beyond! Come and ask your financial questions and learn how to be your own financial guru!

Engineering in Action | 10AM - 11AM | Watch Here

How does it work? You connect magnets to hold something together, but what is the science behind making it stick? Learn about this and more.

Financing for College | 12PM - 1PM | Watch here: English | Spanish

Have a teen getting ready to go to college? Join us for this workshop and understand the cost of college and learn the important financial aid resources that are available to your student. We will also identify ways to choose fair banking products.

Careers in Advanced Manufacturing | 2PM - 3PM | Watch here

Advanced Manufacturing & Engineering: The careers that build our modern society.

Presented by Mark Martin, Regional Director, Employer Engagement, Advanced Manufacturing

Soaring to Success - The College Application Timeline | 3PM - 4PM | Watch Here: English | Spanish

English: This session will provide an outline of the college application timeline for 9th-12th grade students, with a focus on the senior college application timeline.

Spanish: Volando Hacia El Éxito - La Solicitud a la Universidad: Esta presentación cubrirá los requisitos generales para ser elegible para el colegio. Tendrá un enfoque en la matriculación para estudiantes del 12vo año.

College in the time of COVID-19 | 4PM - 5PM | Watch here

What impact is COVID-19 likely to have on the college admissions process? Update on standardized testing for the class of 2021. Learn about the different postsecondary options for the students, resources to help the students transfer from a community college to a four-year university and how to help the students find the "right fit" college and make their college list.

Cash for College for High School Seniors | 5PM - 6PM | Registration expired [not recorded]

Need help completing your financial aid application? Students and families can bring their questions and receive assistance from financial aid experts and volunteers to complete the FAFSA or Dream Act Application.

FRIDAY WORKSHOPS - October 23, 2020
Post High School at SJSU - What's Math Got to Do with it? | 10AM - 11AM | Watch here 

Engage with SJSU math faculty and discover what you need to know about students learning math at the university level.

Microaggressions - How It Impacts Student Learning | 12:30PM - 1PM | Watch here

Learn about microaggressions and the impact of the subtle racist concept that interferes with student learning and causes barriers between cultures. Participants will also observe videos of students sharing their feelings and experiences with microaggressions.

Careers in Business and Entrepreneurship | 2PM - 3PM | Watch here

Making Sense of the Wide World of Business. How to choose between pursuing a Bachelor's degree, or shorter term business training programs in fields such as Accounting, Real Estate, or Sales.  Presented by Micah Merrick, Regional Director, Employer Engagement, Business and Entrepreneurship.

From Public School to Private College | 3PM - 4PM | Watch here

Join us for a live presentation and student panel designed for all those interested in learning more about the path to Private Colleges and Universities! You'll hear the latest about admissions requirements and applying to private colleges, presented by a Santa Clara University Representative.

College Readiness with Ivy Admissions | 4PM - 5PM | Watch here

Ivy Admissions is Silicon Valley’s leading college admissions consulting firm, providing one-on-one services completely custom to every student. Our team of highly educated consultants gives students the support they need when applying to college while focusing on their development so that our students are more college-ready.

#FreeMoneyFridays With Your Local Scholarships| 5PM - 6PM | Watch here

It’s #FreeMoneyFriday! Did you know that a scholarship is free money to help you pay for college? There are hundreds of scholarships out there and some of them are located in your own neighborhood. Learn about the different scholarship programs in your area and throughout California, and take advantage of the FREE money out there to help you not just go to college, but also graduate with less debt.

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