College Day is a community-driven, county-wide celebration that shows students from diverse backgrounds that going to college is possible. Now in its ninth year, under Silicon Valley Education Foundation's (SVEF) leadership, College Day organizes activities and supplies targeted resources to promote college readiness for elementary, middle, and high school students. Over 160 schools across Santa Clara County participate, of which many of their students will be the first in their families to go to college. College Day motivates over 100,000 students to feel excited about their future and confident that they can go to college. School sites design their own week, drawing upon resources and workshops organized by College Day.


If you missed college week, you're in luck! We saved our videos for you to watch at your pace.

If you missed college week, you're in luck! We saved our videos for you to watch at your pace.


For even more videos head over to our YouTube channel.


In 2019, Silicon Valley Education Foundation and College Day committee launched the county-wide College Day Sticker Design Contest. This year, we are making this an annual tradition for our K-12 students! We are awarding one student per school level (elementary, middle/jr, and high school) and selecting only one design for the final print. The 2019 winning sticker was designed by Khanh Vien Tong, a freshman attending Piedmont Hills High School (East Side Union High School District).

This year, CONGRATULATIONS TO  RUHANI FROM CHABOYA MIDDLE SCHOOL! According to Ruhani, she shared that her design was inspired by the diversity of people she sees around her. She wanted her design to represent all the people who go to college. Diversity doesn't just refer to skin color, but also to age, gender, and other factors. College is a great opportunity for everybody and everyone should have an equal chance at higher education.


A big “Thank You” to all the students that participated in this year’s sticker design competition!




During the week of College Day, teachers and educators can choose from a variety of lesson plans that have been specifically designed for College Day. Our website also provides supporting materials including handouts, posters, games, and other resources to help students get excited about college.

Elementary School
Middle School
High School

Each school's College Day Site Coordinator should be on the lookout for the College Day Kit, which all Santa Clara County schools will receive in September. It includes College Day Posters for every classroom and other giveaways to encourage students to participate in College Day.



In addition to teaching a College Day Lesson Plan, there are a lot of ways for teachers and parents to engage students and add to the fun and impact of College Day. How about wearing a College Day t-shirt or the sweatshirt from your alma mater? Or share your own college experiences and fun facts about going to college. The list below contains a lot of little ways to help College Day make a big difference for your students and their futures.


  • Wear clothing from your alma mater or favorite college

  • Post pictures from your alma mater or favorite colleges

  • Describe your own college experience to students

  • Share fun facts about going to college



Here are some great ideas for faculty, staff, administrators, and youth workers to help create a college-going culture in your classroom, office, or workspace. Simple projects like making and displaying a "College Day Corner" or "College Day Word Wall" can have a big impact by initiating college conversations with your students. This page also includes talking points for guest speakers.



Every year, College Day has different theme to encourage thousands of K-12 students in Santa Clara County to have a college and career pathway. With the theme "Superheroes Fight for Education!", we encourage you to download the original poster and display it in your classroom. Creating your own education journey poster is a fun activity that many admins, teachers and students have been during the week of College Day. You can find the link below to print your own 8-1/2" x 11” poster to hang in your classroom. When you share your college experience with your students, you demystify what college is all about and help your students see college in their future.



A sample of SVEF CEO's Education Journey Poster