Students Present Research at Local Elementary School

January 25, 201849ers STEM Leadership Institute

In December, SLI’s 7th and 8th grade students visited Central Park Elementary School and spoke about their ExploraVision research projects. Using the opportunity to work on their speaking and teaching skills, they modified their presentations to cater to their elementary school audience, bringing engaging activities and visual aides. According to attending teachers, Central Park students … Read More

49ers SLI Students Visit Intuitive Surgical

January 11, 201849ers STEM Leadership Institute

In December, a group of 7th and 8th grade students visited Intuitive Surgical with Mr. Tsang, SLI’s 7th grade algebra teacher. They received a behind-the-scenes tour and sat down and spoke with two staff members, one from marketing and one from engineering. They also got hands on experience with the company’s da Vinci® robotic surgical system. … Read More

Annual Caruthers Institute Study Includes SVEF in Top K-12 Education Foundations in Nation

January 10, 201849ers STEM Leadership Institute

49ers STEM Leadership Institute is a program of Silicon Valley Education Foundation (SVEF), which was recently ranked as number 17 in a national study of K-12 education Foundations by Caruthers Institute. “The nation’s only annual study and ranking of K-12 education foundations was released […], showing the large impact that local communities led by business … Read More

Robotics Competition Update and Awards!

December 19, 201749ers STEM Leadership Institute

It’s mid-December and time for a SLI robotics competition update! So far this year, students have participated in many tournaments throughout the Bay Area and a number of teams have been honored with awards and advancements. SLI middle school teams competed in FIRST Lego League in November, where they were judged in two areas, a robotics game … Read More

49ers SLI Attends the CA STEAM Symposium

December 12, 201749ers STEM Leadership Institute

The California STEAM Symposium provides attendees with the opportunity to celebrate, learn, support and connect with those who are interested and invested in STEAM education. It boasts approximately three thousand attendees, and this year it took place at the Moscone Center in San Francisco. Due to it’s easy accessibility to the 49ers STEM Leadership Institute, SLI … Read More

Students Participate in Hour of Code

December 7, 201749ers STEM Leadership Institute

  Yesterday SLI 7th & 8th grade students participated in “Hour of Code,” a grassroots movement where participants around the world, at all programming levels, code for one hour on a designated day. “The Hour of Code started as a one-hour introduction to computer science, designed to demystify ‘code’, to show that anybody can learn the … Read More

SLI Students Visit the 49ers STEAM Program & Museum

November 26, 201749ers STEM Leadership Institute

Last week, SLI’s 7th grade cohort visited the 49ers Museum and STEAM Education Program at Levi’s Stadium. The museum explores the history of the 49ers Football Team and the engineering and design of football gear throughout the last century. The STEAM Education Program, a 49ers Foundation project, hosts students from all over the Bay Area, entirely free of cost, … Read More

Field Trip to PayPal Headquarters

November 15, 201749ers STEM Leadership Institute

Written by A.H. (8th Grade Student) In October, a portion of STEM students visited the PayPal headquarters for a tour and introduction to their company. PayPal created a way to make financial transactions digitally and safely anywhere and with anyone in the world. The SLI students that went on this trip are participating in a project called … Read More

Students Create Their Own STEM Magazine

October 20, 201749ers STEM Leadership Institute

This autumn, a group of SLI middle school students took the initiative to start their own student-run magazine, called STEMATIX. The first issue was recently released, featuring articles on a wide range of topics. It includes an interview with STEM industry professionals, a couple creative writing pieces and comic strips with STEM themes, and columns on … Read More