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The Investigations 3 curriculum is an inquiry-based approach "aligned to the content and practice standards of the Common Core State Standards (CCSS)." Deep and careful attention was paid to what Mathematics content and to the level of student thinking and understanding used during these Investigations.


Desmos - Students Upper Middle/High School- An interactive landscape for playing with functions and seeing them come to life on graphs.


Newsela is for all students providing grade-appropriate news articles featuring current events. (Free sign-up required.)


TERC Free Educational Resources - For ages 0-13, TERC has a collection of free resources to help educators, parents, students, and others investigation based Science projects.  (Sign-up required)

Code.org_.png has launched Code Break — designed for all ages, a live weekly webcast where their team will teach your children at home while school is closed, and a weekly challenge to engage students of all abilities, even those without computers.


Khan Academy is a useful tool for preschoolers-High Schoolers, that teachers and students appreciated it as a resource for practice and reinforcement of math learning as well as Science, History, and English.

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