Students Present Projects at MakerFaire 2017

May 25, 201749ers STEM Leadership Institute

It’s May, which means it’s time for MakerFaire! A celebration of the Maker Movement, the faire is a unique festival that blends STEM fields, art, creativity, and the design process. This year, SLI students from all three grade levels presented projects that they specifically developed for Maker Faire. Each grade level was given a theme to inspire their … Read More

Levi’s Stadium Field Trip

May 22, 201749ers STEM Leadership Institute

A couple weeks ago, SLI’s 7th grade cohort got the chance to visit Levi’s Stadium, where they saw and experienced STEM in the real world. The day included a tour of the stadium (which has incorporated several STEM related features into its design) and the 49ers Museum (which features football memorabilia and educational pieces about the science of … Read More

Students volunteer at Beyond Innovation, hosted by Beyond Sport, the 49ers Foundation, and Chevron

May 11, 201749ers STEM Leadership Institute

This week SLI Students volunteered at Beyond Innovation, a STEM event hosted by Beyond Sport, 49ers Foundation, and Chevron. The event focused on potential STEM education innovations, with the goal of filling the growing demand for STEM skills across several industries. “On May 9, over 200 leaders in business, sport, development and tech convened at … Read More

Tech Challenge – 2017

May 4, 201749ers STEM Leadership Institute

This last weekend SLI students from each grade competed in the Tech Challenge at The San Jose Tech Museum. Students were given the following goal: to construct a device to help explorers cross two ravines in an ice field. According to the 2017 official rules, “Explorers must cross each ravine, bringing their entire device across for future use. Self-powered … Read More

49ers SLI Students Volunteer at Community STEM Events

May 3, 201749ers STEM Leadership Institute

This past week SLI students volunteered at two community events in Santa Clara. The first event, STEM Central, took place on Saturday at Central Park Library. Fifteen SLI students hosted booths about FIRST Tech Challenge and other STEM activities. According to the event website, “STEM Central is an all-day, family-friendly event celebrating science, technology, engineering, … Read More