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Wells Fargo Classroom Grants

Classroom Grants empower teachers to try new teaching techniques, purchase needed equipment and materials and improve the performance of their students in all academic disciplines. Grants are awarded for projects that have clear objectives, a strong evaluation component and heavy student hands-on involvement. Grants allow teachers the opportunity to improve the conditions of teaching and learning in their classrooms. Grants of up to $1000 are available to individual teachers or $1500 for collabrative teams of 2 or more teachers.

Classroom Grants Awarded

(a few examples)

  • Science materials - Developed a Landfill-free Lunch Advertising Campaign using re-usable sandwich bags, water bottles and other crafts
  • Technology - Created an Independent Listening Center for English Language Learners with CD players, audiobooks and headphones
  • Flip cameras - Documented Reader’s Theater Presentation Performances by 4th grade students
  • Document camera - Improved history lessons through the use of primary sources such as the Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution
  • LCD projector and document camera - Raised student interest in math learning with the ability to display 3-D geometry shapes in an over-crowded classroom

Classroom Grant Guidelines

Innovation is the key to the Teacher Innovation Grant process. A project is considered innovative if the effort is a new way for the applying teacher to inspire student learning in the classroom. Not all innovation involves the use of technology; new ways of using older technology can also increase student performance.

It is important that applications include a description of the innovative nature of the project. Background information on the school and/or students involved is often helpful in this description. It is also important that the project applications demonstrate strong student involvement as students learn best when they are active learners. If the project is of a professional development nature, there must be a description of how students will directly benefit from it.

To learn more about the Teacher Innovation Grants application process and to get started on your application, visit the Application Guidelines and download the Teacher Innovation Grant Application Form.