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Wells Fargo Field Trip Grants

Field Trip Grants allow teachers to expand the walls of their classrooms to the whole world by giving students real experiences they could never have from textbooks or regular lessons. Projects require extensive classroom preparation before the outing, specific student activities while in the field and follow-up and integration of what was experienced on the trip into the regular classroom curriculum. Grants of up to $1000 are available for individual teachers or $1500 for collabrative teams of 2 or more teachers.

Field Trip Grants Awarded

(a few examples)

  • Monterey Bay Aquarium - Supported the study of the physical adaptations and habitats of local invertebrates
  • Walden West Science Camp - Provided students with a closer look at photosynthesis, adaptation, erosion, weather and more
  • Fujitsu De Anza Planetarium - Supplemented science studies through a presentation of Cosmic Journey: A Solar System Adventure
  • Fort Point National Historic Site - Enhanced history lessons of the California Gold Rush era
  • Children’s Discovery Museum - Enabled pre-school autistic students to practice gross and fine motor skills, in addition to language development and socialization at the Wonder Cabinet
  • Hidden Villa Farm and Wilderness Center - Gave student hands-on observation of plants and animals in their natural habitats

Field Trip Grant Guidelines

Field trip projects must be more than just a student “outing.” There must be pre-trip classroom activities, student activities in the field as well as post-visit follow-up activities and curriculum integration. It is important that applications include a description of how this particular field trip will enhance their curriculum and how the trip will change the way students view what they are learning in the classroom.

Please note that many typical field trip destinations (such as the Exploratorium) offer field trips with student materials already prepared. Grant applications should check to see if this type of curricula is available and appropriate for the particular group of students.

To learn more about the Teacher Innovation Grants application process and to get started on your application, visit the Application Guidelines and download the Teacher Innovation Grant Application Form.